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Go-Band Latex Free Exercise Band.


Go-Band latex-free exercise bands are perfect for rehab, fitness, physical therapy, and athletic training. Plus, they're great for anyone who uses them to stretch, tone muscles, improve balance, and condition all major muscle groups. 


-Comes in 5 pre-packaged singles. The Go-Band Exercise Band is the premium exercise band solution, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58dbe latex free while offering all the features and benefits of a latex band. 

-So versatile, these bands are ideal for upper and lower body exercises that are simple, easy to do, and can be performed anywhere. 

-Lightweight, compact and portable, the latex-free TPE formula mimics the stretch, contraction and resistance characteristics of a latex band. 

-The high quality and superior features of these bands are why they are used in physical therapy and athletic training in clinics, gyms, and individuals across the country. 

-Perfect for home and personal use, each package contains 1 (one) individual 5 foot red (light) band. 

-Exercise bands are effective when used alone or with handles and anchors.

- Made with thermoplastic elastomer, which gives the bands the same tear and burst resistance as a latex band. 

-They are a well-known staple of most physical therapy offices, clinics and gyms because they are durable, dust-free and textured for easy grip. 

-Individual strips can be reused repeatedly. 

-The bands are available in 8 resistance levels for progressive exercise. 

-Levels vary in order of strength from lowest to highest resistance:tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, gold.




Dimensions: 4"x0.2"x5

Go-Band Exercise Band

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