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MMSV is committed to the satisfaction of our customers.


Below we detail our policies for sales, payment, claims and guarantees, as well as our dispatch policies and Confidentiality of our clients' information.


All products offered and sold by MMSV are new, not remanufactured.

-Refunds are not allowed except for products that at the time of being received by the client are in poor condition or differ from the product purchased.

-Sales are entirely in cash by the means of payment defined in our Payment Means Policy.

-If the product shows any problem, the customer must contact the number7476-5170 or otherwise contact the emailsales@medimarketsv.comto make a formal claim. In both cases, a photograph of the product, the full description of the reason for the nonconformity, the invoice number / Tax credit, the name of the buyer and the contact telephone number must be included. A response will be obtained within a period not exceeding one business day after placing the claim.

-Claims are not accepted through social networks.


-No third-party claims are allowed, in the event that the product has been resold, donated, given away or purchased on behalf of said third party. The claim must be made by the person or legal representative of the company to which the product was invoiced.

-All products offered in our store have been investigated and guarantee reasonable quality and safety .

The company reserves the right to change, add or remove products from its offer without prior notice.

-The prices shown in the store are not negotiable. If you wish to obtain a quote as a wholesale buyer, you must send the request to the


​Payment Options 


cardsofcredit or debitthrough purchase byshopping cartor byonline payment link, payments forBank transferstoMediMarketSV accountat the Agricultural Bank,PayPal,I pay withAgricultural Bank Points or cash payments.

Privacy Policy


-The company reserves the right to modify the means of payment without prior notice.

-No additional commission is charged for purchases with Credit or Debit Cards.

-Theminimum payment amountwith credit or debit cards is Twenty-five dollars. In case the amount is less, a commission of $5.00 + VAT of processing commission will be charged.

-There is no minimum purchase amount for purchases made by bank transfer, PayPal or cash.

-Checks are not accepted.

-For the same invoice or tax credit, payments through two different means are not allowed.

-The payment data of customers who pay by credit or debit cards are subject to the privacy policies of the providers of electronic payment services.

-The company does not keep or manage a record of the credit or debit card data used as a means of payment.

-The warranty time of each product is established in its description.

-In the case of dispatches, the company reserves the right to use, at its discretion, the most appropriate and reasonable means to deliver the product to the customer.

-The products do not include the cost of transportation from the company to the client.


-The cost is calculated according to the size/weight of the product and the place where the client requests the products to be shipped.

-It is the customer's responsibility to provide the correct data for the correct issuance of invoices or tax credits.


-The company is not responsible for the issuance of documents with incorrect information from the client if the incorrect information was received in that way from the same client.


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