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CanDo Multi-Grip Exerciser





Free shipping to San Salvador

Free shipping to San Salvador

Free shipping to San Salvador

It is designed to provide unlimited exercise options for users who want to perform various high-impact exercises. 


-Each exerciser contains large and small loops that are easy to grasp. 

-Use the small loops as an anchor or for finger exercises. 

-Use the larger loops around your hands and feet for high-impact upper and lower body exercises.  

-Easily change the resistance by moving 1 loop up or down the exerciser, or using a different resistance exercise progressively with 8 different color coded resistance levels.


The CanDo Multi-Grip ™ Exerciser is made from an unscented cloth that can be washed and dried. 

Contains no latex or powder coating. Available in 9-lap drills (6-foot drills) and 135-cycle 15-roll drills (30-yard rolls).

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