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Set of accessories.

It includes:

Loop stirrup, door disc, handle (pair).


CanDo exercise band accessory set consists of 1 each: loop stirrup, door disc, handle (pair). The double webbing stirrup loop has two webbing loops: one large and one small. Simply loop the webbing through the small webbing and loop the other loop around any stationary object like your foot, a door anchor or a wall anchor. 


-The loop can be used together with  handles to facilitate a wide range of exercises. 
-Door Disc Anchor turns your door into an adjustable exercise station. 
-Place a flex in the door jamb at any height,  even above the door!

-Close the door to anchor the disc. 

-The item is easy to load and unload the band or tube using the anchor strap. 
-Unit contains heavy-duty straps for durability. 
-Adjustable strap handle makes it easy to exercise with the band and tube. 
-Exercise band and tube attach to foam handles for comfort and a firm grip. 
-Each handle has a 6" long foam covered rigid bar.
-The handle has heavy-duty webbing for durability. It is easy to safely load and unload the band or tube on the handles.


Dimensions: 6"x2"x4"

Weight: 0.5lb

Can-Do Accessory Set

SKU: 105334
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