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Plastic Baseline Goniometer - Rulongmeter Style - 360 Degree Head ​​degrees - 6 Inch Arms


This clear plastic goniometer allows observation of the axis of motion of a joint and its range of motion. 


-The main purpose of this device is to assist in physical therapy by determining the range of motion of a joint, as well as evaluating and measuring recovery after surgery or physical therapy. 
-El cabezal de 360 ​​° tiene tres escalas calibradas para ser utilizadas con el  ISOM System (International Measurement Standards, STFR). 
-This is an essential tool for treatment, rehabilitation and surgical recovery and evaluation. 
-Given its convenient shape and size, it is suitable for both home use and multi-user environments. 
-Arms measure 6".
-This goniometer allows you to measure joint limits and range of motion, as well as check extension, flexion, abduction, adduction, and rotation.
-The arms have a linear scale in inches and centimeters.
-They will also remain in the last measurement position until reset.
-360 angle scale ​​° reads 1° increments.
-The clear plastic of the goniometer allows the device to be placed directly and accurately on a joint or limb for easy observation.
-This goniometer is a baseline product, which means it is a trusted name in measurement and evaluation instruments.


Dimensions: 7"x0.1"x1.75"

Weight: 0.1lb


plastic goniometer

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