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Black Relief Pak Reusable Cold Pack


The Relief Pak reusable cold pack offers an effective method of applying cold therapy to a localized area. 


-Place the package in a cooling unit or freezer.
- Packs remain flexible and soft even below zero. 
-Pack maintains its therapeutic temperature level for up to thirty minutes.
 -Institution-grade packs are made of a tough, durable urethane exterior that can  cool to a lower temperature than other packs, and a bentonite clay interior. 
-The cooled pack should be wrapped in a towel before applying to the treatment area.


Available in measures:


- Standard: 11"x1"x14"

- Cervical: 6"x1"x23"

- Half: 7"x1"x11"



ColdSpot Relief Pak Cold Compresses black

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